Pet Owners trust Bourbontown Pharmacy in Paris, KY

Pet Owners trust Bourbontown Pharmacy in Paris, KY

Pets are special in many ways, coming in varying breeds, sizes, and health conditions. Their medications should be special too. Our pharmacists are equipped to work with Veterinarians to accommodate many different aspects of medication needs. From flavoring medication, eliminating specific ingredients in mass manufactured drugs that pets may experience sensitivity towards, to offering different forms of medication to make administration hassle free, Bourbontown Pharmacy is eager to assist your customers to meet their pets' medication needs. Contact us today for questions concerning compounded medications specific to each and every need of all pets.

Services offered but not limited to:

  • Customized dosages and strengths of medications
  • Addition of flavoring to medications to make them more palatable
  • Compound discontinued or hard to find medications
  • Tailored dosage forms including liquids, creams, capsules, etc.

We offer complimentary delivery services straight to your door for your convenience! You may request refills for your pet via our mobile app or email.

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