Visit Bourbontown Pharmacy in Paris, KY today!

Visit Bourbontown Pharmacy in Paris, KY today!

Visit your local, family-owned drug store in Paris, KY to schedule your medication refills, meet with a pharmacist, and stock up on over-the-counter items. Not sure if we have something you need in stock? Call 859-900-0330 now to speak with a pharmacist in Paris, KY about your needs.

Medical supplies, prescription refills and more

We carry all sorts of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, including:

Pain medications

Cold and allergy medications


Oral health products

First aid items

Personal Hygiene Items

Plus, we carry Cannabidiol oil (CBD OIL), not carried by other pharmacies within the area. If you are interested in using CBD oil to help you manage your pain, anxiety, or other illnesses, Bourbontown Pharmacy is the spot for you.